B&B Lo Stregatto - Location and Surroundings

Lo Stregatto is located in Tuscania (Vt) a few kilometres from some of the most evocative spots in the surrounding of Viterbo, only twelve kilometres from Tarquinia and from Tuscania, close to Viterbo, Capodimonte and the Lake of Bolsena.


Tuscania, etruscan and medieval town,is famous for its many beautiful churches: S.Pietro and S.Maria Maggiore and for its historical centre.

The beautiful church of S.Pietro is located over the hill where the Etruscan necropolis was, it is impossible to come to Tuscania and not to visit it. Don 't miss S.Maria Maggiore and, in the historical centre the Cattedral and the Monastery of S.Francesco.

The historical centre of Tuscania is a very well preserved. You can have a quiet walk in the "Torre di Lavello" garden and from here,enjoy the beautiful panoramic view.

necropoli etrusca tuscania

The origin of Tuscania are strictly conneted to the etruscan civilization. In trhe surroinding there are important etruscan necropolis and the famous tombs: Tomba della Regina and Tomba del Dado. The local Museum is rich of etruscan finds.



The etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia, just outside the town, numbers the most beautiful and preserved tombs of the anciet world, many of them are painted. In thr historical centre you can visit Palazzo Vitelleschi, a mastrpiece of gothic-renoissance architecture. Among the most famous churches S.M.Valverde and S.M. di Castello. At the foot of the town there is its seaside resort immersed in the green of the sorroinding countriside. tomba etrusca Tarquinia


Viterbo is known as the Popes's town. In fact during the XIII th century became residence of many Popes. In Viterbo you can visit the splendid medieval quarter of S.Pellegrino, the palace of the Popes's, S.Lorenzo church ,the extravagant float of "S.Rosa". The cerimony dates from 1258.

Lake of Bolsena

It is the biggest vulcanic lake in Europe. You can visit many small towns facing the lake. Places like Marta, Capodimonte, Bolsena, Montefiascone. In the middle of the lake are two small island: Isola Bisentina and Isola Martana, where the queen of the Goths Amalasunta is said to have died. The second one is private. Also windsurf and small sailing boats can be sented link and explorations.

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